Commit 5b939f68 authored by Florian Kaltenberger's avatar Florian Kaltenberger
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fixing autotests for nr_pbchsim

parent fcca1399
......@@ -1055,7 +1055,7 @@
<main_exec_args>-s-11 -S-10 -n1000
-s-11 -S-10 -n10 -I</main_exec_args>
<search_expr_true>n_errors (negative CRC) = 0</search_expr_true>
<search_expr_true>n_errors \(negative CRC\) = 0</search_expr_true>
<search_expr_false>segmentation fault|assertion|exiting|fatal</search_expr_false>
......@@ -684,7 +684,7 @@ function main() {
echo_info "Compiling unitary tests simulators"
# TODO: fix: dlsim_tm4 pucchsim prachsim pdcchsim pbchsim mbmssim
#simlist="dlsim_tm4 dlsim ulsim pucchsim prachsim pdcchsim pbchsim mbmssim"
simlist="dlsim ulsim polartest ldpctest"
simlist="dlsim ulsim polartest ldpctest nr_pbchsim"
for f in $simlist ; do
compilations \
phy_simulators $f \
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