Commit 5fdc3077 authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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disable U-plane inactivity timer.

It is annoying and does not seem to work properly.
To be checked/reworked if needed.

Keep in mind that we also want oaisim to be functional.
parent 3fe90157
......@@ -423,12 +423,15 @@ check_ul_failure(module_id_t module_idP, int CC_id, int UE_id,
} // ul_failure_timer>0
#if 0
/* U-plane inactivity timer is disabled. Uncomment to re-enable. */
if(UE_list->UE_sched_ctrl[UE_id].uplane_inactivity_timer > (U_PLANE_INACTIVITY_VALUE*subframe_num(&RC.eNB[module_idP][CC_id]->frame_parms))){
LOG_D(MAC,"UE %d rnti %x: U-Plane Failure after repeated PDCCH orders: Triggering RRC \n",UE_id,rnti);
UE_list->UE_sched_ctrl[UE_id].uplane_inactivity_timer = 0;
}// time > 60s
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