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fix build error

parent 09f149d8
......@@ -577,14 +577,14 @@ BSR_LONG * get_bsr_long(module_id_t module_idP, uint8_t bsr_len);
boolean_t update_bsr(module_id_t module_idP, frame_t frameP, eNB_index_t eNB_index, uint8_t lcid, uint8_t lcgid);
/*! \fn locate (int *table, int size, int value)
/*! \fn locate_BsrIndexByBufferSize (int *table, int size, int value)
\brief locate the BSR level in the table as defined in 36.321. This function requires that he values in table to be monotonic, either increasing or decreasing. The returned value is not less than 0, nor greater than n-1, where n is the size of table.
\param[in] *table Pointer to BSR table
\param[in] size Size of the table
\param[in] value Value of the buffer
\return the index in the BSR_LEVEL table
uint8_t locate (const uint32_t *table, int size, int value);
uint8_t locate_BsrIndexByBufferSize (const uint32_t *table, int size, int value);
/*! \fn int get_sf_periodicBSRTimer(uint8_t periodicBSR_Timer)
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