Commit 60d96354 authored by Cédric Roux's avatar Cédric Roux
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minor: add warning

parent af6bf08b
......@@ -3044,6 +3044,8 @@ boolean_t CCE_allocation_infeasible(int module_idP,
else { // ue-specific UL DCI
if (HI_DCI0_req->number_of_dci+HI_DCI0_req->number_of_hi == MAX_NUM_HI_DCI0_PDU) {
LOG_W(MAC, "Subframe %d: FAPI UL structure is full, skip scheduling UE %d\n",
subframe, rnti);
} else {
hi_dci0_pdu->pdu_type = NFAPI_HI_DCI0_DCI_PDU_TYPE;
hi_dci0_pdu->dci_pdu.dci_pdu_rel8.rnti = rnti;
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