Commit 64959754 authored by Thomas Laurent's avatar Thomas Laurent
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changed CI for ulsim and fixed one bug in ulsim options parsing

parent de236276
......@@ -990,12 +990,12 @@
<main_exec> $OPENAIR_DIR/targets/bin/ulsim.Rel14</main_exec>
<main_exec_args> -B25 -m5 -y1 -gN -x1 -s6 -w1.0 -e.1 -P -n500 -O70
-B25 -m16 -y1 -gN -x1 -s12 -w1.0 -e.1 -P -n500 -O70
-B50 -m5 -y1 -gN -x1 -s6 -w1.0 -e.1 -P -n500 -O70
-B50 -m16 -y1 -gN -x1 -s12 -w1.0 -e.1 -P -n500 -O70
-B100 -m5 -y1 -gN -x1 -s6 -w1.0 -e.1 -P -n500 -O70
-B100 -m16 -y1 -gN -x1 -s12 -w1.0 -e.1 -P -n500 -O70 </main_exec_args>
<main_exec_args> -BnbRBs=25 -mcs=5 -yN_rx=1 -gchannel=N -xTransmission=1 -snr=6 -wsnrInterrupt=1.0 -e_snr_step=.1 -P -nb_frame=500 -Operf=70
-BnbRBs=25 -mcs=16 -yN_rx=1 -gchannel=N -xTransmission=1 -snr=12 -wsnrInterrupt=1.0 -e_snr_step=.1 -P -nb_frame=500 -Operf=70
-BnbRBs=50 -mcs=5 -yN_rx=1 -gchannel=N -xTransmission=1 -snr=6 -wsnrInterrupt=1.0 -e_snr_step=.1 -P -nb_frame=500 -Operf=70
-BnbRBs=50 -mcs=16 -yN_rx=1 -gchannel=N -xTransmission=1 -snr=12 -wsnrInterrupt=1.0 -e_snr_step=.1 -P -nb_frame=500 -Operf=70
-BnbRBs=100 -mcs=5 -yN_rx=1 -gchannel=N -xTransmission=1 -snr=6 -wsnrInterrupt=1.0 -e_snr_step=.1 -P -nb_frame=500 -Operf=70
-BnbRBs=100 -mcs=16 -yN_rx=1 -gchannel=N -xTransmission=1 -snr=12 -wsnrInterrupt=1.0 -e_snr_step=.1 -P -nb_frame=500 -Operf=70 </main_exec_args>
<tags>ulsim.test1 ulsim.test2 ulsim.test3 ulsim.test4 ulsim.test5 ulsim.test6</tags>
<search_expr_false>segmentation fault|assertion|exiting|fatal</search_expr_false>
......@@ -487,7 +487,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
{ "mcs", "The MCS to use", 0, iptr:&mcs, defintval:10, TYPE_INT, 0 },
{ "nb_frame", "number of frame in a test",0, iptr:&n_frames, defintval:1, TYPE_INT, 0 },
{ "snr", "starting snr", 0, dblptr:&snr0, defdblval:-2.9, TYPE_DOUBLE, 0 },
{ "w_snr_int", "snr int ?", 0, dblptr:&snr_int, defdblval:30, TYPE_DOUBLE, 0 },
{ "wsnrInterrupt", "snr int ?", 0, dblptr:&snr_int, defdblval:30, TYPE_DOUBLE, 0 },
{ "e_snr_step", "step increasint snr",0, dblptr:&input_snr_step, defdblval:0.2, TYPE_DOUBLE, 0 },
{ "rb_dynamic", "number of rb in dynamic allocation",0, iptr:NULL, defintval:0, TYPE_INT, 0 },
{ "first_rb", "first rb used in dynamic allocation",0, iptr:&first_rb, defintval:0, TYPE_INT, 0 },
......@@ -608,10 +608,11 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
struct tmp *ptr;
for (ptr=tmp; tmp->opt!=0; ptr++)
for (ptr=tmp; ptr->opt!=0; ptr++)
if ( ptr->opt == optarg[0] ) {
AssertFatal(ptr->opt != 0, "Unsupported channel model: %s !\n", optarg );
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