Commit 72ef8be8 authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt

Change types in S1AP Register REQ: list of MCC/MNC/TAC

parent d85054c2
......@@ -325,12 +325,14 @@ typedef struct s1ap_register_enb_req_s {
/* Tracking area code */
uint16_t tac;
/* Mobile Country Code
* Mobile Network Code
uint16_t mcc;
uint16_t mnc;
uint8_t mnc_digit_length;
uint16_t mcc[PLMN_LIST_MAX_SIZE];
uint16_t mnc[PLMN_LIST_MAX_SIZE];
uint8_t mnc_digit_length[PLMN_LIST_MAX_SIZE];
uint8_t num_plmn;
/* Default Paging DRX of the eNB as defined in TS 36.304 */
paging_drx_t default_drx;
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