Commit 79a25fe9 authored by gauthier's avatar gauthier
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MNC length in GUMMEI

parent dcba8c19
......@@ -700,6 +700,7 @@ rrc_eNB_send_S1AP_NAS_FIRST_REQ(
// actually the eNB configuration contains only one PLMN (can be up to 6)
S1AP_NAS_FIRST_REQ (message_p).ue_identity.gummei.mcc = enb_properties_p->properties[ctxt_pP->module_id]->mcc;
S1AP_NAS_FIRST_REQ (message_p).ue_identity.gummei.mnc = enb_properties_p->properties[ctxt_pP->module_id]->mnc;
S1AP_NAS_FIRST_REQ (message_p).ue_identity.gummei.mnc_len = enb_properties_p->properties[ctxt_pP->module_id]->mnc_digit_length;
S1AP_NAS_FIRST_REQ (message_p).ue_identity.gummei.mme_code = BIT_STRING_to_uint8 (&r_mme->mmec);
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