Commit 7aa57b4d authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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remove compilation of oai_nw_drv

The compilation of this module does not seem to be necessary,
as far as I have checked. Plus it fails when you run
"build_oai --oaisim --noS1", so let's not compile it.
parent 2045a493
...@@ -661,9 +661,9 @@ function main() { ...@@ -661,9 +661,9 @@ function main() {
CMakeFiles/nasmesh/nasmesh.ko $dbin/nasmesh.ko CMakeFiles/nasmesh/nasmesh.ko $dbin/nasmesh.ko
#oai_nw_drv #oai_nw_drv
compilations \ #compilations \
$oaisim_build_dir oai_nw_drv \ # $oaisim_build_dir oai_nw_drv \
CMakeFiles/oai_nw_drv/oai_nw_drv.ko $dbin/oai_nw_drv.ko # CMakeFiles/oai_nw_drv/oai_nw_drv.ko $dbin/oai_nw_drv.ko
fi fi
cmake_file=$DIR/oaisim_mme_build_oai/CMakeLists.txt cmake_file=$DIR/oaisim_mme_build_oai/CMakeLists.txt
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