Commit 7cf40fe8 authored by knopp's avatar knopp
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trace for removing UE in MAC

parent 210754c0
......@@ -1760,7 +1760,7 @@ int rrc_mac_remove_ue(module_id_t mod_idP,rnti_t rntiP)
pCC_id = UE_PCCID(mod_idP,UE_id);
LOG_D(MAC,"Removing UE %d from Primary CC_id %d (rnti %x)\n",UE_id,pCC_id, rntiP);
LOG_I(MAC,"Removing UE %d from Primary CC_id %d (rnti %x)\n",UE_id,pCC_id, rntiP);
UE_list->active[UE_id] = FALSE;
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