Commit 7d3ce9bd authored by knopp's avatar knopp

added .ipe file for L1_L2_procedures slides and updated .pdf file

parent d915c208
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  • It's seems this file is damaged or don't upload completely on server.

  • thanks for reporting. I did a forced push with clean files.

  • Your welcome. Can you tell me when master version merge to develop? thanks

  • develop is merged to master, not the opposite. It happens irregularly as of today. I can't give a date.

  • Okay, Some issues such as multi UE scenario closed but there are some problems yet, Are there some one working on it? or issue closed at all?

  • Many people work on improving the software, yes. Multi-UEs is a top priority internally at EURECOM. I can't give a date on when things will be better though.

  • Okay thank you dear Cedric.

  • Sorry, I have question from you: I see some branches in openairinterface project. are they merge to develop? (i.e. branchXXXX -> develop -> master) or they are separate projects?

  • Many are merged back, the active ones should mostly be synchronized now with the develop branch.

  • Thanks

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