Commit 7e2c8e39 authored by Wilson's avatar Wilson
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fixed oaisim build failed with the new KeNB refresh request message from NAS -> AS

parent fe2b7d80
......@@ -72,7 +72,9 @@ Description Defines the security mode control EMM procedure executed by the
#include "secu_defs.h"
#include "msc.h"
#if defined(NAS_BUILT_IN_UE)
#include "nas_itti_messaging.h"
/**************** E X T E R N A L D E F I N I T I O N S ****************/
......@@ -295,7 +297,9 @@ int emm_proc_security_mode_command(int native_ksi, int ksi,>selected_algorithms.encryption = seea;>selected_algorithms.integrity = seia;
#if defined(NAS_BUILT_IN_UE)
* NAS security mode command not accepted by the UE
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