Commit 83582738 authored by Rohit Gupta's avatar Rohit Gupta
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update for using UHD version 3.9.2

parent c78eb459
......@@ -163,11 +163,16 @@ install_gnutls_from_source(){
#first we remove old installation
$SUDO apt-get remove uhd libuhd-dev libuhd003 uhd-host -y
v=$(lsb_release -cs)
$SUDO apt-add-repository "deb$v $v main"
$SUDO apt-add-repository --remove "deb$v $v main"
#The new USRP repository
$SUDO add-apt-repository ppa:ettusresearch/uhd -y
$SUDO apt-get update
$SUDO apt-get -y install python python-tk libboost-all-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev
$SUDO apt-get -y install -t `lsb_release -cs` uhd --force-yes
$SUDO apt-get -y install libuhd-dev libuhd003 uhd-host
$SUDO uhd_images_downloader
$SUDO add-apt-repository -y ppa:bladerf/bladerf
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