Commit 83a045ec authored by Elena Lukashova's avatar Elena Lukashova

Condition to compute Rank only for TM3, TM4.

parent e7099336
......@@ -479,7 +479,7 @@ void lte_ue_measurements(PHY_VARS_UE *ue,
int N_RB_DL = frame_parms->N_RB_DL;
int rank_tm4;
int rank_tm3_tm4;
ue->measurements.nb_antennas_rx = frame_parms->nb_antennas_rx;
......@@ -551,16 +551,17 @@ void lte_ue_measurements(PHY_VARS_UE *ue,
} //eNB_id
rank_tm4 = rank_estimation_tm4(&ue->common_vars.common_vars_rx_data_per_thread[subframe&0x1].dl_ch_estimates[eNB_id][0][4],
if (ue->transmission_mode[eNB_id]==4 || ue->transmission_mode[eNB_id]==3){
rank_tm3_tm4 = rank_estimation_tm3_tm4(&ue->common_vars.common_vars_rx_data_per_thread[subframe&0x1].dl_ch_estimates[eNB_id][0][4],
printf("rank tm4 %d\n", rank_tm4);
printf("rank tm3 or tm4 %d\n", rank_tm4);
// filter to remove jitter
if (ue->init_averaging == 0) {
......@@ -829,7 +830,7 @@ void lte_ue_measurements_emul(PHY_VARS_UE *ue,uint8_t subframe,uint8_t eNB_id)
//We write a function that takes complement conjugate of the complex channel estimate ch0 and multiplies it with another complex channel estimate ch1 and stores the result in ch0conj_ch1.
uint8_t rank_estimation_tm4(int *dl_ch_estimates_00, // please respect the order of channel estimates
uint8_t rank_estimation_tm3_tm4 (int *dl_ch_estimates_00, // please respect the order of channel estimates
int *dl_ch_estimates_01,
int *dl_ch_estimates_10,
int *dl_ch_estimates_11,
......@@ -1185,7 +1185,7 @@ void numer(int32_t *Hh_h_00_sq,
int32_t *num_fin,
unsigned short nb_rb);
uint8_t rank_estimation_tm4(int *dl_ch_estimates_00,
uint8_t rank_estimation_tm3_tm4(int *dl_ch_estimates_00,
int *dl_ch_estimates_01,
int *dl_ch_estimates_10,
int *dl_ch_estimates_11,
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