Commit 853bad6c authored by Rohit Gupta's avatar Rohit Gupta

added option to kill zombie ssh sessions created by autotest

parent ac89db6d
......@@ -1099,7 +1099,6 @@ except KeyError:
# get the oai object
host = os.uname()[1]
#oai = openair('localdomain','calisson')
......@@ -1208,6 +1207,11 @@ if localshell == 0:
result = oai_list[index].send_expect_false('sudo -S -v','may not run sudo',True)
print "Sudo permissions..." + result
print "Killing zombie ssh sessions from earlier sessions..."
cmd='ps aux |grep \"/usr/bin/ssh -q -l guptar\"|tr -s \" \" :|cut -f 2 -d :|xargs kill -9 \''
result=oai_list[index].send_recv(cmd, True)
print result
print '\nCleaning Older running programs : ' + CleanUpOldProgs
cleanOldPrograms(oai_list[index], CleanUpOldProgs, CleanUpAluLteBox, ExmimoRfStop)
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