Commit 863e3abf authored by Florian Kaltenberger's avatar Florian Kaltenberger
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Merge branch 'nr_pbchsim' into develop-nr-merge2

parents 4bc8c6aa 20c17466
......@@ -2545,7 +2545,7 @@ add_executable(ldpctest ${OPENAIR1_DIR}/PHY/CODING/TESTBENCH/ldpctest.c)
target_link_libraries(ldpctest SIMU PHY PHY_NR m ${ATLAS_LIBRARIES})
add_executable(nr_pbchsim ${OPENAIR1_DIR}/SIMULATION/NR_PHY/pbchsim.c )
target_link_libraries(nr_pbchsim -Wl,--start-group UTIL SIMU PHY PHY_COMMON PHY_NR PHY_NR_UE SCHED_NR_LIB ${CONFIG_LIBRARIES} -Wl,--end-group m pthread dl ${ATLAS_LIBRARIES})
target_link_libraries(nr_pbchsim -Wl,--start-group UTIL SIMU PHY_COMMON PHY_NR PHY_NR_UE SCHED_NR_LIB CONFIG_LIB -Wl,--end-group m pthread ${ATLAS_LIBRARIES} dl)
foreach(myExe dlsim dlsim_tm7 ulsim pbchsim scansim mbmssim pdcchsim pucchsim prachsim syncsim)
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