Commit 8adb5d48 authored by Guy De Souza's avatar Guy De Souza

cset start RE type fix

parent 9f85de3d
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ uint8_t nr_generate_dci_top(NR_gNB_PDCCH pdcch_vars,
/*The coreset is initialised
* in frequency: the first subcarrier is obtained by adding the first CRB overlapping the SSB and the rb_offset
* in time: by its first slot and its first symbol*/
uint8_t cset_start_sc = frame_parms.first_carrier_offset + ((int)floor(frame_parms.ssb_start_subcarrier/NR_NB_SC_PER_RB)+pdcch_params.rb_offset)*NR_NB_SC_PER_RB;
uint16_t cset_start_sc = frame_parms.first_carrier_offset + ((int)floor(frame_parms.ssb_start_subcarrier/NR_NB_SC_PER_RB)+pdcch_params.rb_offset)*NR_NB_SC_PER_RB;
uint8_t cset_start_symb = pdcch_params.first_slot*frame_parms.symbols_per_slot + pdcch_params.first_symbol;
dci_idx = 0;
dmrs_idx = 0;
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