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......@@ -33,12 +33,8 @@ holds the source code for (eNB RAN + UE RAN).
For legal issues (licenses), the core network (EPC) source code is now moved away from
the above openairinterface5g git repository.
* A very old version of the EPC is located under the same GitLab Eurecom server (splitted into 2 Git repos):
* [openair-cn]( with apache license
* [xtables-addons-oai]( with GPL license
* **These repositories are no more maintained.**
* A more recent version is available under our GitHub domain:
* [OAI GitHub openair-cn](
* [OAI GitHub openair-cn domain](
* Check its wiki pages for more details
Configure git with your name/email address (only important if you are developer and want to contribute/push code to Git Repository):
......@@ -80,8 +76,6 @@ you do not have account on, please register yourself to gitlab
* `git clone`
* Clone with user name/password prompt:
* `git clone`
* `git clone`
* `git clone` (optional, openair-cn build script can do it for you)
# Which branch to checkout?
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ Note that the IP addresses are indicative and need to be adapted to your environ
Create the environment for the EPC and register all **USIM** information into the **HSS** database.
If you are using OAI-EPC ([see on GitHub](, build **HSS/MME/SPGW** and create config files.
If you are using OAI-EPC ([see on GitHub](, build **HSS/MME/SPGW** and create config files.
# 3. Retrieve the OAI eNB-UE source code #
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