Commit 9dd329d8 authored by Florian Kaltenberger's avatar Florian Kaltenberger
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Merge branch 'hotfix-58-bfly3bug' into 'develop'

Applied patch to lte_dfts.c (inline function cmacc for x86) to correct bug in ibfly3

See merge request !7
parents 69e10a76 75b32aad
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ static inline void cmacc(__m128i a,__m128i b, __m128i *re32, __m128i *im32)
cmac_tmp = _mm_sign_epi16(b,*(__m128i*)reflip);
// cmac_tmp = _mm_shufflelo_epi16(b,_MM_SHUFFLE(2,3,0,1));
// cmac_tmp = _mm_shufflehi_epi16(cmac_tmp,_MM_SHUFFLE(2,3,0,1));
cmac_tmp = _mm_shuffle_epi8(b,_mm_set_epi8(13,12,15,14,9,8,11,10,5,4,7,6,1,0,3,2));
cmac_tmp = _mm_shuffle_epi8(cmac_tmp,_mm_set_epi8(13,12,15,14,9,8,11,10,5,4,7,6,1,0,3,2));
cmac_tmp_im32 = _mm_madd_epi16(cmac_tmp,a);
*re32 = _mm_add_epi32(*re32,cmac_tmp_re32);
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