Commit a1a60dc1 authored by Cédric Roux's avatar Cédric Roux
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integration fix: revert target_rx_power to 178 in eNB_scheduler_ulsch.c

158 does not work well with the eNB softmodem.
parent e29d500d
......@@ -1281,7 +1281,7 @@ schedule_ulsch_rnti(module_id_t module_idP,
// this is the normalized RX power and this should be constant (regardless of mcs
normalized_rx_power = UE_sched_ctrl->pusch_snr[CC_id];
target_rx_power = 158;
target_rx_power = 178;
// this assumes accumulated tpc
// make sure that we are only sending a tpc update once a frame, otherwise the control loop will freak out
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