Commit aaac4894 authored by Cédric Roux's avatar Cédric Roux
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compilation warning removal

parent 92ee6017
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ int trx_eth_read_udp_IF4p5(openair0_device *device, openair0_timestamp *timestam
IF4p5_header_t *test_header = (IF4p5_header_t*)(buff[0]);
int block_cnt=0;
int again_cnt=0;
//int again_cnt=0;
packet_size = max(UDP_IF4p5_PRACH_SIZE_BYTES, max(UDP_IF4p5_PULFFT_SIZE_BYTES(nblocks), UDP_IF4p5_PDLFFT_SIZE_BYTES(nblocks)));
while(bytes_received == -1) {
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