Commit ab0e4aad authored by Xenofon Foukas's avatar Xenofon Foukas
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Reintroduced support for agent scheduler after merge with develop

parent a91a25c9
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......@@ -135,7 +135,6 @@ void schedule_ue_spec(module_id_t module_idP,frame_t frameP,sub_frame_t subframe
//To be used by the agent
void schedule_ue_spec_default(mid_t mod_id, uint32_t frame, uint32_t subframe,
unsigned int *nb_rb_used, unsigned int *nCCE_used,
int *mbsfn_flag, Protocol__ProgranMessage *dl_info);
/** \brief Function for UE/PHY to compute PUSCH transmit power in power-control procedure.
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