Commit b6854b15 authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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parent 6b9db378
......@@ -95,22 +95,11 @@ static void *forward_s_to_sc(void *_f)
return NULL;
static void *forward_sc_to_s(void *_f)
#if 0
forward_data *f = _f;
do_forward(f, f->sc, f->s, 1);
printf("INFO: forwarder exits\n");
return NULL;
void forward_start_client(void *_f, int s)
forward_data *f = _f;
f->sc = s;
new_thread(forward_s_to_sc, f);
new_thread(forward_sc_to_s, f);
void *forwarder(char *ip, int port)
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