Commit bb6fd31d authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt
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free all memory for lte_ul_ref* structures

parent 6cff88b9
......@@ -185,12 +185,12 @@ void free_ul_ref_sigs(void)
unsigned int u,v,Msc_RS;
for (Msc_RS=2; Msc_RS<33; Msc_RS++) {
for (Msc_RS=0; Msc_RS<33; Msc_RS++) {
for (u=0; u<30; u++) {
for (v=0; v<2; v++) {
if (ul_ref_sigs[u][v][Msc_RS]) {
ul_ref_sigs_rx[u][v][Msc_RS] = NULL;
ul_ref_sigs[u][v][Msc_RS] = NULL;
if (ul_ref_sigs_rx[u][v][Msc_RS]) {
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