Commit bc20616a authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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minor: parameters missing to some LOG_ macros plus some cleanup

parent bfa749a7
...@@ -745,24 +745,21 @@ void mac_eNB_rrc_ul_in_sync(const module_id_t Mod_instP, ...@@ -745,24 +745,21 @@ void mac_eNB_rrc_ul_in_sync(const module_id_t Mod_instP,
const int CC_idP, const int CC_idP,
const frame_t frameP, const frame_t frameP,
const sub_frame_t subframeP, const sub_frame_t subframeP,
const rnti_t rntiP) { const rnti_t rntiP)
struct rrc_eNB_ue_context_s* ue_context_p = NULL; struct rrc_eNB_ue_context_s* ue_context_p = NULL;
ue_context_p = rrc_eNB_get_ue_context( ue_context_p = rrc_eNB_get_ue_context(
&eNB_rrc_inst[Mod_instP], &eNB_rrc_inst[Mod_instP],
rntiP); rntiP);
if (ue_context_p != NULL) { if (ue_context_p != NULL) {
LOG_I(RRC,"Frame %d, Subframe %d: UE %x to UL in synch\n",rntiP); LOG_I(RRC,"Frame %d, Subframe %d: UE %x to UL in synch\n",
ue_context_p->ue_context.ul_failure_timer=0; frameP, subframeP, rntiP);
} ue_context_p->ue_context.ul_failure_timer = 0;
else { } else {
LOG_E(RRC,"Frame %d, Subframe %d: UE %x unknown \n",rntiP); LOG_E(RRC,"Frame %d, Subframe %d: UE %x unknown \n",
frameP, subframeP, rntiP);
} }
} }
//------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //------------------------------------------------------------------------------
int int
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