Commit c0ad88e5 authored by Xenofon Foukas's avatar Xenofon Foukas
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Fixed bug in the creation of MAC PDUs in the local flexran scheduler

parent 1c86e23e
......@@ -353,7 +353,7 @@ flexran_schedule_ue_spec_default(mid_t mod_id,
// Need to see if we have space for data from this channel
if (dci_tbs - ta_len - header_len > 0) {
if (dci_tbs - ta_len - header_len - sdu_length_total > 0) {
LOG_D(MAC, "[TEST]Requested %d bytes from RLC buffer on channel %d during first call\n", dci_tbs-ta_len-header_len);
//If we have space, we need to see how much data we can request at most (if any available)
rlc_status = mac_rlc_status_ind(mod_id,
......@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ flexran_schedule_ue_spec_default(mid_t mod_id,
//Set this to the max value that we might request
sdu_length_total = data_to_request;
sdu_length_total += data_to_request;
} else {
//Take back the assumption of a header for this channel
header_len -= 3;
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