Commit c32304af authored by Sandeep Kumar's avatar Sandeep Kumar
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allow rf and if for eNB build

parent ba11fc84
......@@ -296,9 +296,6 @@ function main() {
if [ "$HW" = "None" -a "$TP" = "None" ] ; then
echo_fatal "Define a local radio head (e.g. -w EXMIMO) or a transport protocol (e.g. -t ETHERNET) to communicate with a remote radio head!"
if [ "$HW" != "None" -a "$TP" != "None" ] ; then
echo_fatal "Currently eNB can not support simultaniously local and remote radio heads!!"
if [ "$HW" = "None" ] ; then
echo_info "No radio head has been selected (HW set to $HW)"
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