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update README with release tags

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......@@ -25,3 +25,12 @@ openairinterface5g
├── SECU
├── UDP
└── targets: top level wrapper for unitary simulation for PHY channels, system-level emulation (eNB-UE with and without S1), and realtime eNB and UE and RRH GW.
v0.1 -> Last stable commit on develop branch before enhancement-10-harmony
v0.2 -> Merge of enhancement-10-harmony to include NGFI RRH + New Interface for RF/BBU
v0.3 -> Last stable commit on develop branch before the merge of feature-131-new-license. This is the last commit with GPL License
v0.4 -> Merge of feature-131-new-license. It closes issue#131 and changes the license to OAI Public License V1.0
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