Commit c5b3aaa2 authored by jftt_wangshanshan's avatar jftt_wangshanshan
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Fix a bug in log

parent ef5ff53e
......@@ -4625,7 +4625,7 @@ cqi_indication(module_id_t mod_idP, int CC_idP, frame_t frameP,
extract_pusch_csi(mod_idP, CC_idP, UE_id, frameP, subframeP,
pdu, rel9->length);
LOG_D(MAC,"Frame %d Subframe %d update CQI:%d\n",frameP,subframeP,sched_ctl->dl_cqi);
LOG_D(MAC,"Frame %d Subframe %d update CQI:%d\n",frameP,subframeP,sched_ctl->dl_cqi[CC_idP]);
// timing advance
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