Commit c8267c2c authored by Haruki Naoi's avatar Haruki Naoi
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Revert "Merge branch 'rm884_bugfix' into 'sp3_master'"

This reverts commit fad303fe, reversing
changes made to e35921cf.
parent fad303fe
......@@ -4489,10 +4489,8 @@ extract_pusch_csi(module_id_t mod_idP, int CC_idP, int UE_id,
if (sched_ctl->aperiodic_wideband_cqi0[CC_idP] > 0) {
sched_ctl->dl_cqi[CC_idP] =
sched_ctl->dl_cqi[CC_idP] =
case CQI_ReportModeAperiodic_rm31:
AssertFatal(0 == 1, "to be fixed, don't use p but pdu directly\n");
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