Commit ca078ff5 authored by Bilel's avatar Bilel
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fix compilation error

parent 7a92f587
......@@ -2127,14 +2127,14 @@ ue_scheduler(
//Check whether Regular BSR is triggered
if (update_bsr(module_idP,frameP, subframeP,eNB_indexP) == TRUE) {
if (update_bsr(module_idP,txFrameP, txSubframeP,eNB_indexP) == TRUE) {
// call SR procedure to generate pending SR and BSR for next PUCCH/PUSCH TxOp. This should implement the procedures
// outlined in Sections 5.4.4 an 5.4.5 of 36.321
UE_mac_inst[module_idP].scheduling_info.SR_pending= 1;
// Regular BSR trigger
UE_mac_inst[module_idP].BSR_reporting_active |= BSR_TRIGGER_REGULAR;
LOG_D(MAC,"[UE %d][BSR] Regular BSR Triggered Frame %d subframe %d SR for PUSCH is pending\n",
module_idP, frameP,subframeP);
module_idP, txFrameP,txSubframeP);
// UE has no valid phy config dedicated || no valid/released SR
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