Commit cbc78cd3 authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt
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Don't warn of ignoring sorting

parent 7162bf68
......@@ -1550,12 +1550,12 @@ int apply_new_slice_ul_config(mid_t mod_id, Protocol__FlexUlSlice *oldc, Protoco
flexran_set_ul_slice_maxmcs(mod_id, slice_idx, newc->maxmcs);
if (check_ul_sorting_update(oldc, newc)) {
/*flexran_set_ul_slice_sorting(mod_id, slice_idx, newc->sorting, n);
/*if (check_ul_sorting_update(oldc, newc)) {
flexran_set_ul_slice_sorting(mod_id, slice_idx, newc->sorting, n);
LOG_W(FLEXRAN_AGENT, "[%d][UL slice %d] setting the sorting is not supported\n",
mod_id, newc->id);
if (oldc->accounting != newc->accounting) {
/*flexran_set_ul_slice_accounting_policy(mod_id, slice_idx, newc->accounting);
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