Commit cc15b223 authored by Louis-Adrien DUFRENE's avatar Louis-Adrien DUFRENE

Compilation fix

parent cd14e5d3
......@@ -3684,6 +3684,7 @@ flexran_rrc_eNB_generate_defaultRRCConnectionReconfiguration(const protocol_ctxt
uint8_t buffer[RRC_BUF_SIZE];
uint16_t size;
int i;
MessageDef *message_p = NULL;
/* Configure SRB1/SRB2, PhysicalConfigDedicated, LTE_MAC_MainConfig for UE */
eNB_RRC_INST *rrc_inst = RC.rrc[ctxt_pP->module_id];
......@@ -3919,6 +3920,8 @@ flexran_rrc_eNB_generate_defaultRRCConnectionReconfiguration(const protocol_ctxt
mac_MainConfig->drx_Config = NULL;
rnti_t rnti = ue_context_pP->ue_id_rnti;
module_id_t module_id = ctxt_pP->module_id;
uint8_t cc_id = ue_context_pP->ue_context.primaryCC_id;
LTE_UE_EUTRA_Capability_t *UEcap = ue_context_pP->ue_context.UE_Capability;
LOG_D(RRC, "Processing the DRX configuration in RRC Connection Reconfiguration\n");
/* Process the IE drx_Config */
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