Commit cdb182c1 authored by FredericLeroy's avatar FredericLeroy
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CMakeLists.txt: force compilation to gnu89 standard for gccxml

clang have changed its default standard to C11 compilation and is stricter.
Ensure use of gnu89 standard to use pthread extension for --castxml-gccxml
parent 22b278d4
......@@ -1929,6 +1929,11 @@ foreach( d ${DirDefs} )
list(APPEND itti_compiler_options "-I${d}")
# castxml doesn't work with c11 (gcc 5 default)
# force castxml and clang compilation with gnu89 standard
# we can't use cXX standard as pthread_rwlock_t is gnu standard
list(APPEND itti_compiler_options "-std=gnu89")
set (ITTI_H ${ITTI_DIR}/intertask_interface_types.h)
add_custom_command (
OUTPUT ${OPENAIR_BIN_DIR}/messages.xml
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