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OpenAirInterface is under GNU GPLv3 license. The full GNU General Public License is included in this distribution in the file called "COPYING". OpenAirInterface is under OpenAirInterface Software Alliance license.
The OpenAirInterface (OAI) software is composed of six different parts: ├──
openair1: 3GPP LTE Rel-8 PHY layer + PHY RF simulation The OpenAirInterface (OAI) software is composed of the following parts:
openair2: 3GPP LTE Rel-9 RLC/MAC/PDCP/RRC implementations, eNB application, X2AP. Note that for RLC, the following versions are userL UM_v9.3.0, TM_v9.3.0, and AM_v9.3.0. For PDCP, PDCP_v10.1.0 is used. For RRC, only LITE is used. openairinterface5g
├── cmake_targets: build utilities to compile (simulation, emulation and real-time platforms), and generated build files
openair3: 3GPP LTE Rel9 and 10 MME/NAS, S+P-GW, HSS, S1AP (ENB and MME). ├── common : some common OAI utilities, other tools can be found at openair2/UTILS
common: some common OAI utilities, other tools can be found at openair2/UTILS ├── maketags : script to generate emacs tags
├── openair1 : 3GPP LTE Rel-10 PHY layer + PHY RF simulation and a subset of Rel 12 Features.
targets: scripts to compile and lauch different system targets (simulation, emulation and real-time platforms, user-space tools for these platforms (tbd)) ├── openair2 :3GPP LTE Rel-10 RLC/MAC/PDCP/RRC/X2AP implementation.
├── LAYER2/RLC/ with the following subdirectories: UM_v9.3.0, TM_v9.3.0, and AM_v9.3.0.
see README files in these subdirectories for more information ├── LAYER2/PDCP/PDCP_v10.1.0.
see also ├── PHY_INTERFACE
├── X2AP
├── openair3: 3GPP LTE Rel10 for S1AP, NAS GTPV1-U for both ENB and UE.
├── GTPV1-U
├── NAS
├── S1AP
├── SCTP
├── SECU
├── UDP
└── targets: top level wrapper for unitary simulation for PHY channels, system-level emulation (eNB-UE with and without S1), and realtime eNB and UE and RRH GW.
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