Commit d5b8310f authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt
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add some logging for RRM command parsing

parent 3f043c7d
......@@ -120,6 +120,7 @@ int apply_reconfiguration_policy(mid_t mod_id, const char *policy, size_t policy
LOG_I(ENB_APP, "This is intended for the enb system\n");
// Call the enb handler
if (parse_enb_id(mod_id, &parser) == -1) {
LOG_E(ENB_APP, "cannot parse data for eNB\n");
goto error;
} else { // succeful parse and setting
......@@ -294,6 +295,7 @@ int parse_enb_config_parameters(mid_t mod_id, yaml_parser_t *parser) {
strtol((char *), &endptr, 10));
LOG_I(ENB_APP, "Setting frame_type to %s\n",;
}else { // not supported tag
LOG_E(FLEXRAN_AGENT, "Unsupported tag %s\n",;
goto error;
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