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Commit d812ffd6 authored by Louis-Adrien DUFRENE's avatar Louis-Adrien DUFRENE

[tested] MAC itti ok. Add procedure to DU part (not tested, but need dedicated...

[tested] MAC itti ok. Add procedure to DU part (not tested, but need dedicated F1AP implementation).
parent a3c337cc
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@
#include "rrc_eNB_UE_context.h"
#include "asn1_msg.h"
#include "intertask_interface.h"
// undefine C_RNTI from
// openair1/PHY/LTE_TRANSPORT/transport_common.h which
......@@ -410,15 +411,18 @@ int DU_handle_DL_RRC_MESSAGE_TRANSFER(instance_t instance,
mac_MainConfig = &rrcConnectionReconfiguration_r8->radioResourceConfigDedicated->mac_MainConfig->choice.explicitValue;
/* CDRX Configuration */
if (mac_MainConfig->drx_Config == NULL) {
LOG_W(F1AP, "drx_Configuration parameter is NULL, cannot configure local UE parameters or CDRX is deactivated\n");
} else {
//// Set timers and thresholds values in local MAC context of UE
eNB_Config_Local_DRX(ctxt.module_id, ctxt.rnti, mac_MainConfig->drx_Config);
MessageDef *message_p = NULL;
/* Send DRX configuration to MAC task to configure timers of local UE context */
message_p = itti_alloc_new_message(TASK_DU_F1, RRC_MAC_DRX_CONFIG_REQ);
RRC_MAC_DRX_CONFIG_REQ(message_p).rnti = ctxt.rnti;
RRC_MAC_DRX_CONFIG_REQ(message_p).drx_Configuration = mac_MainConfig->drx_Config;
itti_send_msg_to_task(TASK_MAC_ENB, ctxt.module_id, message_p);
LOG_D(F1AP, "DRX configured in MAC Main Configuration for RRC Connection Reconfiguration\n");
/* End of CDRX configuration */
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