Commit d8627b5e authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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compilation warning removal

parent 2291f4eb
......@@ -2004,7 +2004,7 @@ int dlsch_modulation(PHY_VARS_eNB* phy_vars_eNB,
uint32_t i,i2,jj,jj2,re_allocated,symbol_offset;
uint16_t l,rb,re_offset;
uint32_t rb_alloc_ind;
uint32_t *rb_alloc; //=dlsch0_harq->rb_alloc;
uint32_t *rb_alloc = NULL; //=dlsch0_harq->rb_alloc;
uint8_t pilots=0;
uint8_t skip_dc,skip_half;
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