Commit d8b6edaa authored by nikaeinn's avatar nikaeinn
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update the run_enb_s1_usrp script for T tracer

parent 9f0cfa85
......@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ function help()
echo_error " -f, --rf-config-file filename RF specific configuration file"
echo_error " -K, --itti-dump-file filename ITTI dump file containing all ITTI events occuring during EPC runtime.(can omit file name if last argument)"
echo_error " -M, --target-dl-mcs mcs Downlink target MCS."
echo_error " -n, --T-no-wait don't wait for tracer, start immediately"
echo_error " -p, --T-port port use given port"
echo_error " -m, --mscgen directory Generate mscgen output files in a directory"
echo_error " -s, --show-stdout Do not redirect stdout and stderr to file /tmp/lte_softmodem.stdout.txt."
echo_error " -S, --enable-missed-slot Continue execution in case of missed slot."
......@@ -188,6 +190,16 @@ function main()
exe_arguments="$exe_arguments -m $2"
shift 2;
-n | --T-no-wait)
echo "setting T tracer operation"
exe_arguments="$exe_arguments --T_nowait"
shift ;
-p | --T-port)
echo "setting T tracer port"
exe_arguments="$exe_arguments --T_port $2"
shift 2;
-V | --vcd)
echo "setting gtk-wave output"
exe_arguments="$exe_arguments -V /tmp/oai_gtk_wave.vcd"
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