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Added handling of HI_DCI0_config requests at UE MAC. Eliminated calls to PHY...

Added handling of HI_DCI0_config requests at UE MAC. Eliminated calls to PHY functions from utilized UE MAC functions (e.g., ue_send_sdu) to support phy_stub operation mode.
parent 7e77fb67
......@@ -396,7 +396,10 @@ ue_send_sdu(
for (i=0; i<6; i++)
if (tx_sdu[i] != payload_ptr[i]) {
LOG_E(MAC,"[UE %d][RAPROC] Contention detected, RA failed\n",module_idP);
// Panos: Modification for phy_stub mode operation here. We only need to make sure that the ue_mode is back to
// PRACH state.
UE_mac_inst[module_idP].UE_mode[eNB_index] = PRACH;
UE_mac_inst[module_idP].RA_contention_resolution_timer_active = 0;
......@@ -417,7 +420,8 @@ ue_send_sdu(
LOG_D(MAC,"[UE] CE %d : UE Timing Advance : %d\n",i,payload_ptr[0]);
// Panos: Eliminate call to process_timing_advance for the phy_stub UE operation mode. Is this correct?
......@@ -1592,7 +1596,7 @@ for (lcid=DCCH; (lcid < MAX_NUM_LCID) && (is_all_lcid_processed == FALSE) ; lcid
// build PHR and update the timers
if (phr_ce_len == sizeof(POWER_HEADROOM_CMD)) {
//Panos: Substitute with a static value for the MAC layer abstraction
//Panos: Substitute with a static value for the MAC layer abstraction (phy_stub mode)
//phr_p->PH = get_phr_mapping(module_idP,CC_id,eNB_index);
phr_p->PH = 40;
phr_p->R = 0;
......@@ -17,6 +17,9 @@
//extern uint8_t nfapi_pnf;
void Msg1_transmitted(module_id_t module_idP,uint8_t CC_id,frame_t frameP, uint8_t eNB_id);
void Msg3_transmitted(module_id_t module_idP,uint8_t CC_id,frame_t frameP, uint8_t eNB_id);
void fill_rx_indication_UE_MAC(module_id_t Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t* UL_INFO, uint8_t *ulsch_buffer, uint16_t buflen, uint16_t rnti)
......@@ -865,6 +868,50 @@ int dl_config_req_UE_MAC(nfapi_pnf_p7_config_t* pnf_p7, nfapi_dl_config_request_
int hi_dci0_req_UE_MAC(nfapi_pnf_p7_config_t* pnf_p7, nfapi_hi_dci0_request_t* req)
LOG_D(PHY,"[UE-PHY_STUB] hi dci0 request sfn_sf:%d number_of_dci:%d number_of_hi:%d\n", NFAPI_SFNSF2DEC(req->sfn_sf), req->hi_dci0_request_body.number_of_dci, req->hi_dci0_request_body.number_of_hi);
//phy_info* phy = (phy_info*)(pnf_p7->user_data);
module_id_t Mod_id = 0; //Panos: Currently static (only for one UE) but this should change.
/*struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s *eNB = RC.eNB[0][0];
eNB_rxtx_proc_t *proc = &eNB->proc.proc_rxtx[0];*/
for (int i=0; i<req->hi_dci0_request_body.number_of_dci + req->hi_dci0_request_body.number_of_hi; i++)
LOG_D(PHY,"[UE-PHY_STUB] HI_DCI0_REQ sfn_sf:%d PDU[%d]\n", NFAPI_SFNSF2DEC(req->sfn_sf), i);
if (req->hi_dci0_request_body.hi_dci0_pdu_list[i].pdu_type == NFAPI_HI_DCI0_DCI_PDU_TYPE)
LOG_D(PHY,"[UE-PHY_STUB] HI_DCI0_REQ sfn_sf:%d PDU[%d] - NFAPI_HI_DCI0_DCI_PDU_TYPE not used \n", NFAPI_SFNSF2DEC(req->sfn_sf), i);
else if (req->hi_dci0_request_body.hi_dci0_pdu_list[i].pdu_type == NFAPI_HI_DCI0_HI_PDU_TYPE)
LOG_D(PHY,"[UE-PHY_STUB] HI_DCI0_REQ sfn_sf:%d PDU[%d] - NFAPI_HI_DCI0_HI_PDU_TYPE\n", NFAPI_SFNSF2DEC(req->sfn_sf), i);
nfapi_hi_dci0_request_pdu_t *hi_dci0_req_pdu = &req->hi_dci0_request_body.hi_dci0_pdu_list[i];
// This is meaningful only after ACKnowledging the first ULSCH Txon (i.e. Msg3)
if(hi_dci0_req_pdu->hi_pdu.hi_pdu_rel8.hi_value == 1 && UE_mac_inst[Mod_id].first_ULSCH_Tx == 1){
UE_mac_inst[Mod_id].UE_mode[0] = PUSCH;
UE_mac_inst[Mod_id].first_ULSCH_Tx = 0;
LOG_E(PHY,"[UE-PHY_STUB] HI_DCI0_REQ sfn_sf:%d PDU[%d] - unknown pdu type:%d\n", NFAPI_SFNSF2DEC(req->sfn_sf), i, req->hi_dci0_request_body.hi_dci0_pdu_list[i].pdu_type);
return 0;
/*void handle_nfapi_UE_Rx(uint8_t Mod_id, Sched_Rsp_t *Sched_INFO, int eNB_id){
// copy data from eNB L2 interface to UE L2 interface
......@@ -80,5 +80,8 @@ void handle_nfapi_ul_pdu_UE_MAC(module_id_t Mod_id,
int tx_req_UE_MAC(nfapi_pnf_p7_config_t* pnf_p7, nfapi_tx_request_t* req);
int hi_dci0_req_UE_MAC(nfapi_pnf_p7_config_t* pnf_p7, nfapi_hi_dci0_request_t* req);
#endif /* PHY_STUB_UE_H_ */
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