Commit d9bf7c8c authored by Thomas Laurent's avatar Thomas Laurent

fix in megre

parent 912e5791
......@@ -60,7 +60,6 @@ rlc_am_rx_pdu_status_t rlc_am_rx_list_check_duplicate_insert_pdu(const protocol_
* \return Zero if the PDU could be inserted in the RX buffer, a negative value if the PDU could not be inserted.
signed int rlc_am_rx_list_insert_pdu(const protocol_ctxt_t* const ctxt_pP, rlc_am_entity_t* const rlcP, mem_block_t* const tbP);
/*! \fn boolean_t rlc_am_rx_check_vr_reassemble(const protocol_ctxt_t* const ctxt_pP,const rlc_am_entity_t* const rlc_pP)
* \brief Check if reassembly taking into account potential new vrR value
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