Commit e5d8179b authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux Committed by Haruki Naoi
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hotfix: clear memory after allocation

(cherry picked from commit 71dacd44)
parent ab451412
......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ void mac_top_init_eNB(void)
RC.mac =
(eNB_MAC_INST **) malloc16(RC.nb_macrlc_inst *
sizeof(eNB_MAC_INST *));
bzero(RC.mac, RC.nb_macrlc_inst * sizeof(eNB_MAC_INST *));
AssertFatal(RC.mac != NULL,
"can't ALLOCATE %zu Bytes for %d eNB_MAC_INST with size %zu \n",
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