Commit f0991907 authored by Rohit Gupta's avatar Rohit Gupta
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Merge branch 'feature-34-test_framework' into develop

parents 37d7fa8d 84369624
......@@ -52,11 +52,6 @@ import re
import numpy as np
import log
import case01
import case02
import case03
import case04
import case05
from openair import *
......@@ -840,13 +835,24 @@ def handle_testcaseclass_softmodem (testcase, oldprogramList, logdirOAI5GRepo ,
#This function searches if test case is present in list of test cases that need to be executed by user
def search_test_case_group(testcasename, testcasegroup, search_test_case_group):
def search_test_case_group(testcasename, testcasegroup, test_case_exclude):
if search_test_case_group.find(testcasename) >=0:
if test_case_exclude != "":
for entry in testcase_exclusion_list:
if entry.find('+') >=0:
match =, testcasename)
if match:
print "\nSkipping test case as it is found in black list: " + testcasename
return False
match = entry.find(testcasename)
if match >=0:
print "\nSkipping test case as it is found in black list: " + testcasename
return False
if testcasegroup == '':
return True
testcaselist = testcasegroup.split()
for entry in testcaselist:
if entry.find('+') >=0:
......@@ -917,7 +923,8 @@ while i < len (sys.argv):
print "-d: low debug level"
print "-dd: high debug level"
print "-p: set the prompt"
print "-r: Remove the log directory in autotests/"
print "-r: Remove the log directory in autotests"
print "-g: Run test cases in a group"
print "-w: set the password for ssh to localhost"
print "-l: use local shell instead of ssh connection"
print "-t: set the time out in second for commands"
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