Commit f0e624e6 authored by nikaeinn's avatar nikaeinn
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Lionel GAUTHIER: log for UDP

git-svn-id: 818b1a75-f10b-46b9-bf7c-635c3b92a50f
parent cd4b7fb6
......@@ -1385,6 +1385,8 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
#if defined(ENABLE_ITTI)
set_comp_log(EMU, LOG_INFO, LOG_MED, 1);
# if defined(ENABLE_USE_MME)
set_comp_log(UDP_, LOG_DEBUG, LOG_HIGH, 1);
set_comp_log(GTPU, LOG_DEBUG, LOG_HIGH, 1);
set_comp_log(S1AP, LOG_DEBUG, LOG_HIGH, 1);
set_comp_log(SCTP, LOG_INFO, LOG_HIGH, 1);
# endif
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