Commit f4038905 authored by Rohit Gupta's avatar Rohit Gupta
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add sudo bladeRF firmware flash

parent 9ab92439
......@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ check_install_bladerf_driver(){
$SUDO apt-get install -y bladerf libbladerf-dev
$SUDO apt-get install -y bladerf-firmware-fx3
$SUDO apt-get install -y bladerf-fpga-hostedx40
bladeRF-cli --flash-firmware /usr/share/Nuand/bladeRF/bladeRF_fw.img
$SUDO bladeRF-cli --flash-firmware /usr/share/Nuand/bladeRF/bladeRF_fw.img
check_install_additional_tools (){
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