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Updated instructions file for launching nfapi-L2-emulator and polishing the code.

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......@@ -85,7 +85,6 @@ void fill_rx_indication_UE_MAC(module_id_t Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND
void fill_sr_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO, uint16_t rnti) {
LOG_I(MAC, "Panos-D: fill_sr_indication_UE_MAC 1 \n");
......@@ -155,7 +154,7 @@ void fill_crc_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_
void fill_rach_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO, uint8_t ra_PreambleIndex, uint16_t ra_RNTI) {
LOG_I(MAC, "Panos-D: fill_rach_indication_UE_MAC 1 \n");
LOG_D(MAC, "fill_rach_indication_UE_MAC 1 \n");
UL_INFO = (UL_IND_t*)malloc(sizeof(UL_IND_t));
......@@ -367,7 +366,7 @@ void handle_nfapi_ul_pdu_UE_MAC(module_id_t Mod_id,
uint8_t access_mode=SCHEDULED_ACCESS;
if(UE_mac_inst[Mod_id].first_ULSCH_Tx == 1){ // Msg3 case
LOG_I(MAC, "Panos-D: handle_nfapi_ul_pdu_UE_MAC 2.2, Mod_id:%d, SFN/SF: %d/%d \n", Mod_id, frame, subframe);
LOG_D(MAC, "handle_nfapi_ul_pdu_UE_MAC 2.2, Mod_id:%d, SFN/SF: %d/%d \n", Mod_id, frame, subframe);
fill_crc_indication_UE_MAC(Mod_id, frame, subframe, UL_INFO, 0, index, rnti);
fill_rx_indication_UE_MAC(Mod_id, frame, subframe, UL_INFO, UE_mac_inst[Mod_id].RA_prach_resources.Msg3,buflen, rnti, index);
Msg3_transmitted(Mod_id, 0, frame, 0);
......@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@
source oaienv
cd cmake_targets
#Create lte-softmodem-stub-nos1 (UE) and lte-softmodem-nos1 (eNB) executables
./build_oai --eNB --UE --noS1 -x -t ETHERNET -C
cd lte_noS1_build_oai/build/
make lte-softmodem-nos1
#Create lte-uesoftmodem-nos1 (UE) and lte-softmodem-nos1 (eNB) executables
./build_oai --UE --noS1 -x -t ETHERNET
./build_oai --eNB --noS1 -x -t ETHERNET
......@@ -27,5 +27,5 @@ sudo ./lte-softmodem-nos1 -O PATH_OF:rcc.band7.tm1.50PRB.nfapi.conf
# Run the UE process on the other terminal (PNF) (--L2-emul specifying the operation in nfapi-L2-emulation mode
# and it has to be equal to 3, --num_ues specifying the number of UEs)
sudo ./lte-softmodem-stub-nos1 -U -O PATH_OF:oaiL1.nfapi.usrpb210.conf --L2-emul 3 --num-ues 5 > debug_log.txt
sudo ./lte-uesoftmodem-nos1 -U -O PATH_OF:oaiL1.nfapi.usrpb210.conf --L2-emul 3 --num-ues 5 > debug_log.txt
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