Commit f9649157 authored by Cédric Roux's avatar Cédric Roux
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bugfix: don't check /usr/include/uhd when compiling with -w USRP

Compilation will fail if UHD is not installed, there is no need
to check. Plus the test is wrong when you install UHD somewhere
parent 2516216d
......@@ -856,11 +856,9 @@ function main() {
ln -sf $dbin/$REL $dbin/
echo_info " is linked to EXMIMO device library"
elif [ "$HW" == "OAI_USRP" ] ; then
if [ -d "/usr/include/uhd" ] ; then
compilations \
$build_dir oai_usrpdevif \ $dbin/$REL
compilations \
$build_dir oai_usrpdevif \ $dbin/$REL
ln -sf
ln -sf $dbin/$REL $dbin/
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