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      Use an un-official community collaboration version of asn1c · a247907d
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      1. It's no need to modify LTE-RRC's ASN.1 file for enabling option group
         feature in generate_asn1.
      2. It's no need to patch the C header files generated from
         LTE-RRC/S1AP/X2AP's ASN.1 in fix_asn1.
      3. It's no need to pre-process S1AP/X2AP's ASN.1 for enabling information
         object class feature by asn1tostruct.py.
      This commit requires an un-official version of asn1c which are
      collaboration of asn1c community members and `build_helper` is modified
      in this commit accordingly :
      This asn1c can also convert ASN.1 of 5G NR RRC (38.331, v15.1.0) and
      generate C files with -findirect-choice command line option without
      tweaking ASN.1 file.
      Examples for how to use this asn1c for S1AP are in S1AP files, e.g.
      s1ap_eNB_nas_procedures.c and s1ap_eNB_handler.c.
      There is an modified openair-cn (based on tag 0.5.0) with this new asn1c at :
      Basic S1AP interaction and data transfer operation between OAI eNB and
      this modified openair-cn has been tested.
      Note: Community version of asn1c is keeping evolved to provide better usage.
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