1. 27 Jul, 2018 3 commits
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      CI : Improvements to COTS-UE bench scripts · af2877cf
      Raphael Defosseux authored
        -- Jenkins Pipeline script:
           -- Moved the node to a proper subnetwork
           -- Added ansiColor option
        -- XML testsuite file can now be an option to the main.py python script
           -- Added some examples testsuite templates
        -- main.py python file
           -- Added an option when opening an SSH session: taking care of clients with copied SSH keys
              in that case, verifing that we are on the correct host
           -- BuildeNB method is closer from Fujitsu's original one
              improvement on flexibility for code source path naming
              better clean-up of workspace
           -- LTEBOX EPC (init / termination / logCollection) methods improvements w/ a /tmp path
           -- Checking of processes (EPC / eNB) is parallelized
              also handles LTEBOX EPX vs OAI CN
           -- UE methods added: attach, detach, reboot, ping
              With complete parallelism for multiple UEs
              iperf added but not tested
      Signed-off-by: Raphael Defosseux's avatarRaphael Defosseux <raphael.defosseux@eurecom.fr>
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      CI: integration of the "test with equipment" script · 6b383347
      Raphael Defosseux authored
        -- temporary into a separate jenkins job
        -- parameters are not in the pipeline script file
           they have to be set up manually in the Jenkins GUI configuration page
           they are then check if present in pipeline script
        -- call to python script
           -- build on a server with RF HW capabilities
              for the moment USRP B2x0
              also handles merge request process for gitlab
           -- since it is for CI, it is a clean build
           -- connect to an EPC (OAI or LTEBOX)
           -- terminates eNB / EPC
        -- log collection
      Signed-off-by: Raphael Defosseux's avatarRaphael Defosseux <raphael.defosseux@eurecom.fr>
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      CI: improvement · a87a4638
      Raphael Defosseux authored
        -- Increased allocated memory for the cppcheck VM
      Signed-off-by: Raphael Defosseux's avatarRaphael Defosseux <raphael.defosseux@eurecom.fr>
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