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      bugfix: fix issue 285 - connect/disconnect multiple time · f1f3b8a0
      Cédric Roux authored and Haruki Naoi's avatar Haruki Naoi committed
      As reported by Emad Alizade:
          According to "Issue255 256 257 paging reesta release" that has been
          merged in develop version, we have a question: In rrc_eNB_free_UE()
          function only all ulsch related memory of user has been cleaned, but
          I think not only ulsch memory but also dlsch memory must be cleaned.
          I tested the latest develop version and with repetition UE attach-detach
          procedures we find that the dlsch memory has not been cleaned and after
          repeat this sequence (45 times) assertion with cause UE_id!=-1 (no free
          or exiting dlsch_context, dci_tools.c: fill_dci_and_dlsch() ) occurred
          and no UE will be attached to system.
      The fixes in this commit are from Emad Alizade.
      (cherry picked from commit 4b5b5564)
      # Conflicts:
      #	openair1/PHY/LTE_TRANSPORT/dlsch_coding.c
      #	openair2/LAYER2/MAC/eNB_scheduler.c
      #	openair2/RRC/LITE/rrc_eNB.c
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      hotfix: clear DCI padding bits · c9f89db8
      Cédric Roux authored and Haruki Naoi's avatar Haruki Naoi committed
      The problem is the following (as reported by an user):
        "one UE is attached to OAI system. UE is near the antenna. Try to detach
        the UE and attach again. Repeat this procedure for 5-6 times. OAI system
        does not work and any the UE can not attach to this system. I use TEMS
        software and I can see MIB signaling on this UE but UE can not decode SIB1
        and SIB2."
      What happens is that the DCI for SIB1 and SIB2 is not cleared before
      use. That is the bits in the 'padding' field keep the values that were
      set before. If the structure has been used to transmit other DCIs
      (eg. for UEs) in the past, it may be reused with some of those bits set
      to 1. When receiving this DCI, the UE won't accept it because it
      gets some bits at 1 where it expects them to be 0.
      The short-term/quick solution is to clear the 'padding' field.
      A better solution would be to rewrite this part of the code,
      which is way too complicated for what it does. But this takes
      too much time.
      In dci.h the field 'dummy' of some structures was renamed to 'padding'.
      The fields 'padding32' and 'padding64' were also renamed to 'padding'
      for consistency.
      Some structures (DCI2B_1_5MHz_TDD, DCI2B_10MHz_FDD, DCI2D_1_5MHz_FDD,
      DCI2D_5MHz_FDD, DCI2D_10MHz_FDD) had a 'padding' field at the end, which
      was renamed to 'padding0'. I don't know if this field should be here at all.
      To me this field looks very suspicious. When we test DCIs 2B and 2D we
      should be careful.
      (cherry picked from commit c5ca2bd8)
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      fix for-loop index in pdate_ul_dci · dab82a27
      Xu Bo authored
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