1. 20 Oct, 2021 1 commit
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      Integration_2021_wk42 · a7229937
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      integration of integration_2021_wk41_bwt-abs into develop, completed week 42
      MR !1273 : [CI] adding Docker Hub push pipeline
      -When we merge to develop, this pipeline will automatically push images to hub.docker.com
      MR !1267 : Enabled multi-threading for gNB L1 tx
      -PHY PDUs like PDCCH PDU, PDSCH PDU, SSB PDU and CSI PDU have been removed from PHY_VARS_gNB structure.
      Instead, they are made as a part of thread message for L1 Tx processing.
      Two such thread messages are used so that two independent L1 Tx processing threads can be executed at once.
      Monolithic mode works fine with rfsimulator. nfapi mode changes are integrated by not tested. Let the CI test it.
      MR !1285 : [CI] test sa nsa
      -Dev of nsa and sa test pipelines
      MR !1266 : Changes for initialBWP size different than Coreset0
      -Changes for initialBWP size different than Coreset0. Tested with 50 MHz 2x2 configuration, initialBWP with 133 PRBs.
      -Other fixes and improvements to get a more stable 5G NR connection
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